The goal of this site is simple: we produce educational material in a simple and digestible format for medics that are wanting more from their continuing education. Topics will vary and include those not always covered by traditional continuing education. More than anything, our material will be up-to-date, evidence-driven, and practice-based.

What this site is and is not:

We’re not a place to gripe or complain. We are problem solvers and contributors, both in what we do and how we think. We also understand the particularly challenging position that large organizations face when providing continuing education for their EMS providers. So, we are not complaining about the employers that work tirelessly to provide quality CE. In fact, we are very appreciative and supportive. We are simply trying to fill a gap that is consistently present in EMS education. If that gap didn’t exist, we wouldn’t be here.

We also welcome feedback and input. What do you want to learn? What topics do you feel are lacking in your education or practice?

Who we are:

A few medics from a variety of backgrounds with collectively over 34 years of prehospital care experience. We are evidence-driven in our practice. In essence, we welcome change, and continually challenge our own preconceptions and biases so that we may better accomplish the one thing that matters most in our profession: providing better care for our patients.

We each have significant experience providing medical care across a spectrum of environments: rural, urban, wilderness, alpine, tactical, dive, international, disaster, and in-hospital. This doesn’t mean we’re the end-all of medicine; goodness, far from it. Rather, through our diverse backgrounds, we have learned to improvise and see what matters most to patient care. We’ve practiced enough to feel that we have something to offer, but understand our limitations and blind-spots.

As paramedics, we not only care about improved patient outcomes, whether that is decreasing mortality, hospital stay, and infections, and increasing neuro scores, cardiac function, and patient satisfaction; we also care deeply about the human side of our job by being compassionate providers.

So, join us as we periodically upload training videos. We hope you find them useful.

-Medics Underground